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Aharon Wheels Bolsta

Aharon wheels bolsta with evan fraser calabash tabla ngoni world music kalimba


Three Kalimbas- C Blues minor Raven-C major Elephant- D semi-chromatic D Slendro empahasis Heart Thumb Piano

Order A Kalimba

I can teach you Kalimba, but first you will need a Kalimba!

I mostly play the instruments made by the illustrious Rick Faist. Here is his brief description of Kalimba:

“Kalimbas, also called thumb pianos, come from a family of instruments with a wide variety of names, Mbira is probably the most well known. They have their origin in many parts of Africa. These “Made in Oregon” Kalimbas are handcrafted from homegrown gourds and a variety of hardwood tops.”

Please visit Rick’s website if you want to order your own delightful thumb piano! Tell him Aharon sent you! They are all home grown and handmade and very affordable!


Kalimba Attunement

here comes the rain again…

Aharon is a sound healer, offering emotional and energetic healing through sound and voice as well as musical support to healing salons, ceremonies, and sessions.

Lay down comfortably as the soft tones of the kalimba (African thumb piano) dance in each ear binaurally stimulating your brain to drop into a deep state of balance and relaxation.

Aharon’s healing practice of “Kalimba Attunement” is experienced when the client lies down with the head resting between the two Kalimbas. The playful, melodically rhythmic binaural tones consistently creates a relaxing effect that brings the listener into a state of deep relaxation; many find a short session to be healing, with longer sessions offering a deeply healing journey.

Kalimba is one name for the family of instruments originating in Central and West africa which features the body of a gourd with tuned metal tines mounted on a wooden top.

This is a wonderful sound healing treatment to share with you partners and friends. Couples sessions are a great opportunity to get closer and be reminded of your true essence together as you let go of stress from the daily grind and support one another to be present with the beauty of the moment.

“… In addition to the kalimbas at my head, my boyfriend A*** held my feet which created a perfect balance for my experience. The grounding energy held at my feet enabled me to drop in deeper with the sound healing that was happening near my ears.”
–Anjuli Mahendra, LMT

“What a rare opportunity to have a personally guided sound healing journey with a master of his craft! Aharon’s kind and lucid presence created a safe space for me to let go of stress and receive profound nourishment. When he began playing the kalimbas, I sunk immediately into deep relaxation. I felt like my nervous system was floating on a cloud of feathers and melody. Having an instrument by each ear created the effect of synchronizing the hemispheres of the brain, known to have great benefits including facilitating the release of trauma patterns. I would recommend this experience to anyone looking for stress relief, support with sleep problems, as well as healing and integration on emotional and spiritual levels.”
Sara Glozer MA, CMT

The CD: Kalimba Attunement
soon to be available on CD Baby, Bandcamp, iTunes, etc.
recorded by Dan Cantrell using binaural separation technology, this track is a combination of two different kalimba tunings, played as one instrument in the left and right, allowing of bilateral stimulation that as been shown to produce states of deep relaxation and balancing of brain waves.

Listening with headphones or stereo speakers (not little laptop speakers) is highly recommended for full effect!

Kalimba Videos

Kalimba For Families

This video is from a class I led for small children and their families at the SAVE THE FROGS! Education Center in Berkeley.

Kalimba In Morocco

This improvised kalimba video is from a trip I made to Morocco… Chefchaouen, to be precise.