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Aharon Wheels Bolsta

Aharon wheels bolsta with evan fraser calabash tabla ngoni world music kalimba

About Aharon

Aharon Wheels Bolsta is a multi-instrumentalist, whose musical style and influences spans the continents from the West Coast of the USA, to the plains of India, the hills of Vietnam, the bazaars of Istanbul, the coasts of Portugal and Bali, the deserts of West Africa and beyond. 

Passing On The Tradition...

Aharon's Teaching

Aharon has taught tabla, bansuri, and raga vocals to dozens of students. He has also taught internationally at at workshops, integrating classical Indian rhythm techniques and theory with body percussion and a variety of Western and Eastern instruments. Aharon is happy to teach any of the following, either in-person or online via video conference:

Bansuri Tabla Hand Pan (Hang)
Drum Set Vocals Body Percussion
Jaw Harp (Dan Moi / Moorsing) Kanjira Kalimba (Thumb Piano)
Rhythm Theory Darabuka / Dumbek Sonic Techniques


Aharon's Teachers & Gurus

Aharon Wheels Bolsta has been studied tabla and ragas with the masters Pandit Swapan Chaudhuri and Ustad Ali Akbar Khan since the mid-1990’s. He also studied bansuri with Ashok Lal (Mehta) and Steve Gorn. Aharon began learning to play the drums in 6th grade and continued under Tom Donlinger (Van Morisson) and Jim Dalrymple (Cal Tjader). 

Aharon Wheels Bolsta multi-instrumentalist bow

Musicians Aharon Has Played With

Steve Oda Tim White Joanna Mack
Manose New Singh Matthew Montfort Bruce Hamm
Ben Kunin Jim Santi Owen Annette Bauer
Jay Gandhi Gurdeep Singh Kerry Kriger
Aharon Wheels Bolsta students

One More thing...

Aharon's Style

Aharon has integrated his north and South Indian rhythm theory and tabla, as well as his drums and middle-eastern percussion, with many styles and genres of artists ranging from…

Fishtank Ensemble Raquy Danziger Liron Peled
George and Antoine Lammam Sawfan Kenani (Paris) Ali Paris
Fared Shafinury Evan Fraser Mark Growden
Sean Hayes Khi Darag Rumen Shopov (Macedonia)
Gamelan X Jef Stott Osman Oksuzoglu (Istanbul)
Briana di Mara Dan Cantrell Wade Evans

Aharon’s unique style was honed on the banks of the Ganges River in Varanasi.

Providing Rhythm For Dancers

Dance Accompaniment

Aharon regularly provides the rhythm for dancers and dance troupes. Some of his favorite projects have been with…

Elizabeth Strong Rachel Brice Nathalie Nayun
Miriam Peretz The Levins San Francisco Mime Troupe
Aharon Wheels Bolsta Dance