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Aharon Wheels Bolsta

Aharon wheels bolsta with evan fraser calabash tabla ngoni world music kalimba

Tea Time

Aharon Wheels Bolsta Bansuri Suit

Let's Do Tea

Tea Time

I am an expert in tea… gaiwan, gong fu, yixing, oolong, green tea, white tea, even pu-erh… come sit and sip tea that is properly prepared.

discuss philosophy, matters of foreign policy, the world, poetry, science… neuroscience, art, or silence.


gaze and taste. hear rare recordings. play an intuitive instrument. just send me a request and make it happen. if it’s your path.

I have a Zoom platform and can host tea online… reach out for a tea session and we can also combine it with a listening or learning session.

Aharon Wheels Bolsta chai

Chai time in India