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Aharon Wheels Bolsta

Aharon wheels bolsta with evan fraser calabash tabla ngoni world music kalimba

Handpans (panArt Hang, Saraz, Tank Drum)

The handpan can be elusive for those who wish to buy one and learn it’s secrets.

Hang-like handpan instruments I suggest you research:

halo-made in USA, expensive, choose your own tuning, similar to hang

panArt hang- no longer available -made in Switzerland

Saraz– https://www.sarazhandpans.com/news/history-of-handpan-hang-and-pantam-drums/

this is what I play currently, made in the midwestern U.S.

Tankdrum- affordable, made in USA,

Beautiful sound, choose tuning, hands or mallets

hapi drum- similar to tank, some advantages, some drawbacks, different USA maker, similar price point.

Bell and other European made hang offshoots- upwards of $2000, long waiting list.

Rav Vast is beautiful, a different type of handpan with great resonance and fairly affordable

Spain, Italy, Germany, Russia all have ppl making good quality instruments.

Here’s a cpl video links of me teaching or playing these instruments.

Solo on Halo:


Teaching on tank drum:


Playing both halo and hang in concert with sitarist Joanna Mack:


Many people come to me with the request to play the Hang, Saraz or Tank Drum or have more
time to listen closely and feel the healing vibrations of its music. 

have created two formats where people can have access to the Hang under my supervision.

The Hang Sessions: Enjoy the healing vibrations of this magical
instrument in a personalized session.

Listen:   Poly

My Hang and other Handpan recordings for purchase:



One format is the private “Hang Session” available for sliding scale
($50-100) per hour, partly depending on how much instruction is
requested. The value of the sound healing people receive in this
process is difficult to measure. Under Aharon’s guidance you will open
new doors into areas of music, sound, and rhythm through listening and
touching, playing, dancing with the Hang.

The other format is small “Group Hang Sessions”; I teach the first
1/3, then the participants get to play and experiment taking turns
playing or listening. Duets on the same instrument are also possible,
and I teach the technique for that. These I plan to run weekly at my
house at a cost of ($20-50 sliding scale– e.g. musicians pay less than
business executives!).

Hang Sessions are also be available for specialized groups such as
advanced percussionists, spiritual leaders or organizations, or
composers, for example.

Small Group Setting: groups of 3-6 ppl: Aharon demonstrates, then each
participant takes a turn or two playing the hang or, alternatively,
basking in the beautiful sound; can be structured to include
participatory singing and instrumental music by Aharon and others

$25/hr session 60, $35 90 minutes for each participant

Wherever I play the Handpan such as the Hang, the Halo, the Saraz or
other types, people approach me with many questions and want to know
how to acquire one for themselves to play and enjoy.

Here I am playing the “Halo”:

Here is the “Hang”, by PanArt, with myself playing bansuri as well:

and both Hang and Halo with sitar by Joanna Mack:

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Preview YouTube video Aharon Wheels Bolsta solo on Halo

Preview YouTube video Aharon Wheels Bolsta plays Hang and Bansuri – “Cruise control”

Handpan is just one of the instruments I Play & Teach

Sound Healing

Aharon is a sound healer, offering emotional and energetic healing through sound and voice as well as musical support to healing salons, ceremonies, and sessions.

Hand Pan
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Handpan Videos

Aharon Wheels Bolsta: hang & halo; Joanna Mack: sitar. March '14 Spring Equinox

rose labyrinth

Aharon Wheels Bolsta - Improvisation on Saraz handpan- leading into sweet song from Panama

Excerpt from recent online live concert: improvisation that turns serendipitously into a song I learned last summer.