Not performing at any of the festivals that come to mind… that one in the desert, or the other one by a river, or that one in the forest, or … People’s Park…. or anywhere in the lost city of San Francis/corp(se)


Um, like, I’m totally performing and stuff…. but most of it is for private funders who have events such as rites of passage ceremonies, weddings, opening ceremonies for museum exhibits, and MLB baseball games (August 9th, 2016, O. Co)

I might attempt walking down the street and playing music from time to time, when I feel  like it. The kalimba is nice to hear. and the mouth harp. or a doumbec pounding out rhythms in your face.

I’d like to perform more on small stages, house concerts, synagogues, and the local scene, but such opportunities are rare and underpaid. I’m getting back on my feet after newly adjusting to fatherhood and I anticipate at least two or three original projects going to fruition locally by the middle of this Fall, 2016, including one drumming project and and one new-alt-freejazz-klezmer experiment.

Let’s face it, most of the music I play has been “privatized”.  If you have feelings about that, I’m ready to listen (…and… hold… space…)!

City Venue Date Time Notes Map
San Francisco, CATHE INDEPENDENT05/18/138:00pmMap
San Francisco, CATHE INDEPENDENT05/17/138:00pmMap
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