Wheels began studying the drums in 6th grade. He practiced on a practice pad for the first year before his parents rewarded him with the much louder drum set.  Boom shaklaka thus continued under the experienced tutelage of Tom Donlinger (Van Morisson and many more dazzling credits) and Jim Dalrymple (Cal Tjader and high school Physiology). The Terra Linda H.S. band instructor was none other than Bob Calonico, now leading ensembles at CAL (UCB).

After an erstwhile, non-music related digression in literature at UC Davis, Wheels returned to the study of music once again under the guidance of the master Pandit Swapan Chaudhuri and Ustad Ali Akbar Khan. The main years of study and apprenticeship with these eternal gurus of Hindustani music were from 1996-2006, but continuing as much as possible until Khansahib’s passing in 2009, and on-going with Swapan-ji.


Study of tabla also led to participation and study with great masters of Middle-eastern and Balkan rhythmic traditions, including study with Souhail Kaspar, Faizal Zeidan, Rumen Shopov, and several others.

drumming with Orchestra Euphonos at Duende 2015:

Tintal on drumset: