Individuals: connect with your real vocal potential, preparing for public-speaking, singing, personal growth and mantras, guidance, creative expression, an deep emotional release. free yourself from inhibition, experience free movement of sound as you generate vibrations powerfully from your body.


For groups: Vocal Resonance Facilitation:

What I offer in this workshop has a basis in the healing tradition of Nada Brahma (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nada_yoga)
(“Nāda yoga is also a way to approach with reverence and respond to sound. Sound and music is in this context, something more than just the sensory properties and sources of sensuous pleasure, sound and music is considered also to play the role as a potential medium to achieve a deeper unity with both the outer and the inner cosmos.
Nāda yoga’s use of sound vibrations and resonances are also used to pursue palliative effects on various problematic psychological and spiritual conditions. It is also employed to raise the level of awareness of the postulated energy centers called chakra <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chakra> .”)

I combine this approach with my own modality of Sound Healing called Vocal Resonance Therapy. My physical approach to healing through sounding in the body has been shaped by my study with Balinese masters such as Pak Nyoman Cerita and Hindustani Classical master Ustad Ali Akbar Khan as well as my work as a performer and teacher with the International Body Music Festival (http://www.internationalbodymusicfestival.com/) and the Bay Area Sonic Ensemble (http://www.br.internationalbodymusicfestival.com/2010/?p=127).

With a group in size ranging from 5 to 40 we will combine deepening of bodily awareness of sound and vocal resonance with fun and playful exercises of group listening and creation. A typical group session with me would include some Nada Brahma pranayama (yogic breathing practices), chakra attunement through sounding and chant, circle singing, and then a healing offering of music: direct vibration of the healing light of the bansuri (the Indian bamboo flute). However, depending on the occasion, the order or frequency of these activities may be reversed, repeated, or rearranged! Often in a healing tent or ritual environment we will begin with the bansuri for an initial clearing before engaging the voice and chakra attunement, ending with a celebratory vocal group improvisation or circle song. I will also sometimes use the Tamir Kamuz (Kyrgyz jaw harp) to inspire resonant singing.

A similar, simplified and shorter version of this can be done with an entire festival or conference population of hundreds or thousands from a centralized stage or podium. The sound of so many voices together has a wonderfully healing and community building effect!

Workshop 2:

Vocal Improvisation studies: 
RhythmSong Ekstasis and Circlesong

Anyone wishing to expand the way they use their voice in rhythm and song will learn while having fun in RhythmSong Ekstasis. The building blocks learned in this class can be widely applied to both vocal and instrumental performance as well as providing a fun way to explore music with your friends and community.

This class begins with learning how to create great grooves without ever having to open an instrument case. Participants learn body percussion techniques that will enable them to hold a beat with their feet and accent with snaps, claps, pops and glottal stops! The voice then comes into play with vocal percussion
using South and North Indian vocal percussion (konakul and tabla bols: takite takedimi Dha!) as a tool to create and choreograph body music grooves, vocal percussion, and polyrhythmic rhythm wreaths.