Aharon Wheels Bolsta loves to share what he has learned in his music-seeking travels around the world. He recently returned from a 4-month tour of the US and Europe with the Underscore Orkestra. As a body percussionist and singer he performs and teaches solo and with the Bay Area Sonic Ensemble (B.A.S.E.: Derek Wright, Sam Rogers, Alyssa De Caro) which traveled in 2010 to Sao Paulo, Brazil, for the International Body Music Festival III. He performs and records his mouth harps, flutes, tabla, drums, and middle-eastern percussion with the Fishtank Ensemble, Khi Darag, Saul Kaye, Rumen Shopov, Jef Stott, Dan Cantrell and many others. In 2009 Aharon toured with the SF Mime Troupe as drummer and multi-instrumentalist. In 2005-07 Aharon toured with One People Voice and Gamelan X in Bali and Java, Indonesia, the US, and Black Rock City. Aharon has rhythmic and vocal training in Hindustani tabla and singing, Balinese kotekan (interlocking rhythmic technique) and Kecak, Turkish and Balkan rhythms, jazz drumming and singing, and much more. Aharon studied classical Indian tabla under the guidance of Swapan Chaudhuri and santoor, vocals, and bansuri flute with Ali Akbar Khan at AACM in San Rafael for more than 15 years ( <> < <> >  <> ). He also studied improvisation and new music under Fred Frith at Mills College, jazz singing with Maye Cavallaro at the Berkeley Jazz School as well as with masters in the locations and traditions of Bali, Japan, Mali (West Africa), Turkey, the Balkans, Ireland, and the good old USA. Original music: www. <> <>  <> nesomimus